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Welcome to the Connect2Charity Resources page.  We have created this page to act as central reference point which charities can visit for any information or resources that they may require.   

If you have any information, products or resources which you think other charities may find useful please let us know by emailing info@connect2charity.im.  Check back often as this page will be updated regularly as more resources become available to us.

Interest Rates with Capital Treasury Services


We understand the issues facing charitable organisations

  • You find it difficult to find good rates of return
  • You want an easier, more convenient way to make cash reserves work smarter
  • You don’t want to tie all of your funds up for long periods of time but want to achieve more competitive rates of return while ensuring the protection of your cash reserves

Tailored for the Third Sector

Capital Treasury Services have adapted and evolved the existing Capital Liquidity Account and are pleased to be able to offer Third Sector organisations a solution with all of the existing benefits and more:

  • A top rate of return
  • A low level minimum investment of only £10,000.00
  • Two day access
  • All fees associated with the CLA are waived for Third Sector organisations
  • No penalty or loss of interest incurred on withdrawals
  • A ‘Base Rate +’ interest rate offering
  • Triple-A rated by Standard & Poor’s investing in good quality rated banks and building societies

Try the CLA way today…..

To find out more on how we can help please contact us on

John Cookson

+44 (0) 1624 654294


Craig Dalton

+44 (0) 1624 654297


Paul Hickey

+44 (0) 1624 654292


Click here to download the best interest rates.



Vindex is a Junior Achievement team specifically aimed at aiding a variety of local charities. They attend charity events and sponsored corporate events, selling unique products that both generate donations and raise charity awareness. The products are tailored to the charity and event themes and are provided at no cost whatsoever to the charities involved. By creating agreements with local charities they are able to add the logos to personalised stock and attend events. They aim to provide distinct and fun products like stress balls, inflatable cheering sticks for sporting events, USB rubber wrist bands, universal suction balls, and a wide variety of other products.

The overall company aim is to change the relationship and interaction between charities and consumers. Many charities try to raise money and awareness by selling pens, bands and pins. Vindex's aim is to change this on the Isle of Man and make charity themed products desirable, relatable, memorable and most of all fun.

Contact vindex@manx.net or 07624 322522.